Golf Course closed today 16th July due to flooding



We hope last month's tips helped you to speed up your game and enjoy your round on the course. Once again we have a few more tips which will assist you in getting around the course quicker.

Tip #1 – Be Efficient on the putting green

Always leave your clubs beside the green at the closest point to the next hole's tee markers. Mark your ball, lift and clean it as soon as you arrive on the green each hole and be sure to repair any pitch mark you’ve made as quickly as possible. Be ready to replace your ball when it’s your turn to play. It’s preferable to line up your putt whilst your playing partners are putting, without disturbing them. Once you’ve holed out promptly move to the next tee and even consider teeing off before your playing partners have putted out if your group is falling behind.

Tip #2 – Pick up in Stableford & Par Events

The majority of our club competitions are individual stableford events. All golfers should be aware of how many strokes they have had on each hole and when they are unable to score points on any given hole they should pick up their golf ball.

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