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Golf Course

Welcome to Glen Waverley Golf Course

Glen Waverley Golf Course is a beautiful, 18-hole suburban course situated in the serene Jells Park, just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. This fun, yet tight and challenging course is suitable for all, from the novices to more advanced players.

Course Guide


1st Hole

A long and tough par 4. Slight dogleg left into an elevated green that’s well protected on the left hand side.

Par 4 - Blue - 309 m | Red 307 m

2nd Hole

A long, double dogleg left par 4 into a skinny green with difficult bunkers to the right. Play percentage off the tee. Trying for a big drive usually creates left or right tee problems.

Par 4 - Blue - 321 m | Red 321 m

3rd Hole

A nice short par 3 which will reward a well played short iron approach. The only area to steer clear of is the right hand bunker.

Par 3 - Blue - 134 m | Red 134 m

4th Hole

A short hole but it can catch you by surprise if you are not on your game. Driver can be hit if you are playing well but the smart option is to play a fairway wood or long iron down to the bottom of the hill, leaving a short iron approach to the green.

Par 4 Mens | Par 5 Ladies - Blue 389 m | Red 389 m

5th Hole

A short dog leg right par 4, which definitely offers up the chance for a birdie. Watch out though, because this hole isn’t easy.

Par 4 Men's | Par 5 Ladies - Blue - 390 m | Red 390m

6th Hole

A short, par 5 slight dogleg right into a difficult green. A large bunker at the front right of the green.

Par 4 - Blue - 440 m | Par 4 - Red 440m

7th Hole

A mid length par 3 into tough elevated green. Heavy protection on all sides with a large bunker front right and difficult recovery shots from the left and back of the green. Right of green is out of bounds.

Par 3 - Blue - 139m | Red 139m

8th Hole

A picturesque mid length par 4 into a small elevated green. Protection from two difficult bunkers on the left.

Par 4 - Blues - 343m | Red 273m

9th Hole

A long and tough par 4. Slight dogleg left into an elevated green that’s well protected on the left hand side.

Par 4 - Blue - 309m | Red 307m

10th Hole

A long par 3 into a nice well protected green with bunkers on both sides. The green demands accuracy off the tee.

Par 3 - Blue - 172 m | Red 172 m

11th Hole

Mid length double dogleg right par 4 into an easy green that has light bunker protection on the left side.

Par 4 - Blue - 332 m | Red 303 m

12th Hole

A beautiful short par 3 into a mid sized green protected by a very difficult bunker on the right side. Hit the green in one to score well.

Par 3 - Blue - 136 m | Red 136 m

13th Hole

A short dogleg left into the toughest green on the course, which is protected front right and left by difficult bunkers.

Par 4 - Blue - 284 m | Red 284 m

14th Hole

A short dogleg right par 4 into a flat and easy green. Great scoring opportunity. Slight dog leg to the right.

Par 4 - Blue - 302 m | Red 302 m

15th Hole

A straight par 4 into a green that slants heavily back to front. Fairway bunker on the left is ready to catch you if you take it on.

Par 4 - Blue - 288 m | Red 288 m

16th Hole

A short and straight par 4, this hole gives you a real chance to make up some shots. Long drivers can reach the green in one.

Par 4 - Blue - 285 m | Red 285 m

17th Hole

A vicious dogleg left off the tee into a very well protected green that slants heavily back to front.

Par 4 - Blue - 308 m | Red 308 m

18th Hole

A nice mid length par 3 to finish after a tough 17. Bunker left of a small elevated green.

Par 3 - Blue - 160 m | Red 160 m

Green Fees

  • 9 Hole Adult $23.30


  • 9 Hole Adult $26.90


  • 9 Hole Aged Pensioner $17.20

    Weekday and Weekend

  • 18 Hole Adult $32.30


  • 18 Hole Adult $36.75


  • 18 Hole Aged Pensioner/Junior $23.30

    Weekday and Weekend

  • Twilight Golf $29.00
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